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Floods, delays, loss of internet and shortly water, illness, Harry Potter (although not for me), friends, Guitar Hero, Wii and a party. Gosh.

I received a call from my manager earlier tonight informing me that I shouldn't go into work on Monday as they won't have any clean water. I should work from home - but I don't have my work laptop, meaning what work I can do is somewhat limited (even if I had my laptop my server has a problem routing the VPN connection for some reason)..

Still not feeling amazingly well in any case.

Finished watching Ulysses 31 tonight. Was quite teary - silly I know, but it was probably the most significant influence in my childhood (that I can remember).

Lets see what tomorrow brings in the never-ending adventure.
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Come to the Cave Party this weekend! See [ profile] ev1ldonut's post for final numbers and lift/camping equipment organisation.

Here is a picture from the last cave party to whet your appetite (link goes to gallery of other photos taken at the cave party):

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On holiday; visited [ profile] izzy_stradlin over the weekend where we went to a Marillion gig and then spent the rest of the weekend relaxing, which was nice. The weather on the ride up wasn't quite so pleasant. Spent Sunday evening with [ profile] beeby and my sister, and learned that one of my younger cousins is getting married shortly and will also be having a baby! I also learned that my dad and step-mum are planning to go to the wedding, which makes me want to go to the wedding more.

Yesterday I came round to see [ profile] blaadyblah and we went to the pub, had a few drinks and came back and watched Dylan Moran, Bill Bailey and Black Books, which was also fun. Today I called [ profile] olsw who I haven't spoken to in ages and seen in even longer and arranged to go and see him tonight. Tomorrow I go home, recoup and spend some time with [ profile] kissycat1000, before going to visit [ profile] ninneviane on Thursday, possibly with [ profile] kissycat1000 :)
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This weekend [ profile] kissycat1000 and myself went to Blackpool and stayed in a quaint little B&B, whose proprietress reminded me very strongly of Roz from Monsters Inc. <nasal drawl>"Would you like a cup of tea..? Okay I'll just bring out two cups anyway.."</nasal drawl> That hilarity aside, we had a poor night's sleep in the extremely soft double bed pushed up against the wall. The breakfast was spot on, though :)

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Time for a nice lazy day of maybe pub lunch and watching stuff.. :)
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This is probably only of interest to those planning to attend Dylanstock 2006 tomorrow (Wednesday) and Thursday. This post will be updated to reflect the latest information, so keep checking back :). I will email those involved with address and phone numbers. Please let me know on this post of any changes to the arrangements :)

Arrangements under here )


Jul. 2nd, 2006 09:10 pm
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All the photos that I currently have posted are here. I didn't actually take many of the party itself for various reasons.

The party was good, very chilled at the start because people were still chilling out from the night before when we arrived. We got hot and dehydrated despite drinking (water) like fishes, and decided to leave at about 1am to head back to comfortable beds rather than try to crash somewhere while the party was still going on. The drive back was pretty horrendous, not for traffic reasons but simply feeling ill and exhausted. Thankfully it was temporary and [ profile] kissycat1000 and I enjoyed a pleasent and relatively quiet Sunday while [ profile] ev1ldonut took the kids to [ profile] rikrose's birthday picnic.

Hi to all the people I met at the party - remind me who you are :)

(Oh, and I finally sorted out a few of my photos from the Tintagel camping trip the other weekend - [ profile] ev1ldonut's are here)
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[ profile] dylan wishes to announce Dylanstock 2006! It will be two days of bikes, photoshoots with cute girls and hifi: July 5/6 (yes, that's Wednesday and Thursday next week). If the weather's good we may even go to a beach somewhere :)

So, who's up for it? Comment here with which you're interested in and which day(s) you're free! We can work out arrangements when we know who's interested in what and where they are...

Beach trip

Jun. 10th, 2006 09:58 am
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Thinking of going to just south of Weston-Super-Mare for a beach trip today. Anyone from Chelt want to come? Let me know by 11:30 :)

Cave Party

May. 21st, 2006 11:07 pm
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This weekend [ profile] ev1ldonut and I went to a cave near Symonds Yat with [ profile] sacha37, Jo, Mungo, [ profile] flannelcat, [ profile] penguin_worship, [ profile] chaosdeathfish, [ profile] oxfordgirl and [ profile] agentfluffy. I hadn't seen [ profile] chaosdeathfish for years - we used to go to college together; it was really nice to see him again. Hopefully I'll see some more of him now he's moved to Oxford. It was also nice to meet [ profile] oxfordgirl too :)

I stubbornly tried to get some tough DIY done on Saturday morning before we left, and actually got quite far before [ profile] ev1ldonut came to the rescue as I was seriously flagging. We have been fighting off a bug; [ profile] ev1ldonut had been off work and [ profile] kissycat1000 was feeling very run down but somehow I seem to have missed it (so far), despite the stubborn DIY attempt. Luckily, [ profile] ev1ldonut was well enough to come, but [ profile] kissycat1000 wasn't up to it, which was a shame.

The trek up to the site was very steep and slippery. We had loads of gear, plus I was carrying a bunch of logs brought from home for firewood; I tripped and fell just getting onto the path and sprained my right thumb a fair bit and my wrist a little. So out of breath, but then I did have lots of beer and food in my bag :)

When we finally arrived, we had to descend down something I would have to describe as a ravine. We couldn't simply progress as before, but had to form a human chain and pass bags down to the bottom. It has to be said that the bottom of the ravine claimed three injury victims in all I believe - none very serious, but certainly a few bruises and a bashed coccyx.. :/

We ate, drank and were merry, including dreaming up a solution to the world energy crisis based on the principle of a torch you shake to charge in combination with the world's population of teenage boys.. :) Some songs were sung to flute and guitar as well, not that I happened to know (m)any of them ;) The place was beautiful. Although it rained, the tree cover was dense enough that only the rain later on Sunday morning proved enough to penetrate to the forest floor in any serious manner.

Have a look at some pictures )

All in all, a very rejuvinating weekend, despite all the physical effort. I'm contemplating LARP as a fun way to get some exercise and increase my exposure to the outdoors :)

UPDATE: [ profile] ev1ldonut has made a post here.
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[ profile] kissycat1000 and I have just returned from a mini-sojourn up to Sheffield to go to the last ever Batfink (in that venue at least). I was knackered as expected and left the club at about 11:30pm. The fire alarm in the hotel went off at 6am for long enough to get dressed, before it fell silent again, so we went back to bed. Apparently people were smoking all night in room 105. Bastards. They took the option of leaving early to avoid the angry mob at checkout in the morning.

On Saturday we went to a pub lunch in the Roebuck Tavern and had some welcome food and the usual conversations :) Then [ profile] meltie and [ profile] snarfc0re (who'd travelled up with us in my car) took us around Sheffield on trams (I squished a penny!) to possibly the best sweetie shop in the world, and to Sheffield cathedral which had a choir and orchestra practising (and sounding wonderful!). My shots of the interior of the cathedral didn't come out (grr; need a new camera that doesn't require you to touch it when you take a picture..) but I did get some of people and the sweetie shop: )

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