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The 2009 Yamaha V-Max is full of 200 hp V4 goodness of awesome and win:

However, it currently costs £16k. Boo.

In other news, I plan to fix the suspension on my blackbird. After speaking to the technician and him taking a ride on it and it nearly dumping him, this has turned into: upgrade the old, tired front and rear suspension, replace front suspension bushes, head stock bearings, rear linkage plate bearings, remove the air intake restriction petals (+16hp). He also told me de-linking the brakes will remove 23kg of weight (although I suspect the replacement system will put some of that back on), but that's something for another time. All this should cost me around a grand I suspect, but to be honest that includes a bunch of fixing stuff that really needed to be fixed anyway.

This morning I also removed the exhaust baffle for the first time since I bought the replacement exhaust. OHMYGODitsoundsnice.. :D It is getting me into trouble round town too; I just can't resist giving it a handful at the moment. And it burbles on the overrun in the most pleasing way too. Hurrr.

I've got all excited about my bike again; it's like riding a new one just from the noise - and when the suspension is fixed it should really handle like a new bike too :)

So I got home and actually cleaned it. I'm looking forwards to getting it fixed up :)
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I'm trying to work out what the best thing to do might be. Fancy reading and giving me some suggestions?

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I had a bit of a panic over the last two days as I couldn't find all my documents - which aside needing for the test ride (well actually just my driving license counterpart) I need for my bike's MOT next weekend. Luckily I found it yesterday evening, so all was well for this morning.

Now, in this review - please bear in mind I'm not a small bloke (about 6ft, and weighing about 17 stone) and I'm used to riding larger sports-tourers, so some of this may be just what you'd expect from a sports bike. But it's my review, so it'll be from my perspective ;)

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The sun is out, making me also wish I was with [ profile] kissycat1000 in a village with a sandwich or two.

It's also making me think all sorts of crazy things. Out of idle curiosity, I did a quick google for an old school friend and discovered he'd graduated from Dundee with a degree in Medical and Dentistry. And his childhood ambition was to be a policeman. "Now what's all this then. Open wide. I'm giving your teeth an ASBO!" (er.. *mental shrug*)

Additionally, after the idea that [ profile] quisalan should have an (ostentatious) photoshoot with her borrowed Jag from [ profile] stealthracer, I got the idea that I'd like to do extreme photography.. getting to improbable places with improbable things and taking photos. One that has been in the back of my mind for a while is taking my bike up to the centre of the footbridge by Waitrose in Cheltenham and getting someone *cough*[ profile] ev1ldonut*cough* to take photos of the process.

It did strike me as a little foolish, sort of like criminals filming themselves, but hey.

I think I need to get out more.
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As [ profile] ev1ldonut and [ profile] kissycat1000 have said, it's been a tiring weekend. I'm pleased to see that despite my tiredness I have not succumbed to an illness as a result (yet). Hopefully this marks the very tail end of the effects of the tonsillectomy I had at the beginning of September.

The NEC was interesting, and I got mugged for a Caberg Just One flip-up helmet for £60, and narrowly avoided also buying a rather stern chain. Once I have a ground anchor in place, however..

On Sunday we played Return of the Heroes, which was a little slow and confusing to start with as I got to grips with all the rules, but a bit more fun towards the end :)

DIY is now happening on Tuesday, so all is not lost.

I'm still very chuffed with my online roleplaying - I think it's also helping me express my creative side in a way that's fun and I enjoy very much.. and of course I have an instant audience :)
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Yesterday evening I had my bike returned to me after all the work I had done to it:

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[ profile] mandelorean just texted me (amongst others I presume) to tell me that the bike place where his girlfriend works is having a Harley open weekend - come along and she'll organise a ride on a Harley/Buell for us.. and I can't as I'm still recovering from this tonsilectomy! AAAAAARGH! [ profile] kissycat1000 and I have just finished watching The Long Way Round, a series about Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman's trip around the world on motorcycles (I originally started riding motorcycles because I wanted to go around the world on one, so this is a bittersweet thing, although there's still plenty of time to do it if I can get it all together at some point). In the last episode, they got to ride on some wild custom choppers which reminded me of my passion for cruisers (my first bike was a cruiser [alright: in the style of]). [ profile] ev1ldonut has also always been keen on them as well..

My bike has had the work done to it and was waiting to go to the tuners to be properly set up. Unfortunately the tuning centre chap got a bit of metal in his eye from a lathe and was rushed to hospital - poor chap. This also means that my bike is sitting there *pouts*.

As I've been shut inside with contact only from those already close to me (doctor's orders), I've had the chance to do little else but be rather geeky. Apologies made for the following only if you think I need to ;)

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My recovery continues to go well. I'm less tired and in less pain all the time, so that's good :)


Sep. 2nd, 2005 04:59 pm
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I just decided to spend £1180 on my bike: 36,000km service, Akropovic 4-2-1 full road exhaust system (with removable baffle), K&N air filter, Dyno rejet & tune. I checked the insurance and it's only another 36 quid to include the stuff on the bike including an extra £500 on the value for the remaining 6 months of the policy. Win!

Oh, and second part of the bad stuff; I've just also confirmed with the hifi shop to pick up the Arcam AVR300 and Spendor S9C centre speaker tomorrow afternoon for trial.. I'll probably end up buying the centre (as it's the last one) but return the amp until I can afford it (there should be a discount in the Christmas sales). You don't even want to know how much those two babys are going to cost me..
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Mucking around with luggage systems )

Now I just have to install my Speedo Healer, which I'll probably do during lunch tomorrow :)

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