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I'm trying to work out what the best thing to do might be. Fancy reading and giving me some suggestions?

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Quite a long one, so here are some cut tags:

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Finally, in more upbeat news, [ profile] sepheri will be joining in the party celebrations to make the increasingly inaccurately named the Truly Terrible Trio's party into a foursome. Not that I'm complaining. I guess it's now the OMGWTFBBQ. So, don't forget to let me know if you're planning to come / want crash space / want to know where it is :)
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They found me a Vauxhall badge for the front of my Calibra, which I'm about to sell. I had to remove the paint from it, but they gave me a tin of acetone and a cloth and it came up great :)

Cost me a couple of quid :)

(I'm sure if Brussels heard about such a place where they hand out acetone to customers it'd get shut down amidst a flurry of legal, moral and perversity laws)...
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Right, so remember I sold my car? I had been meaning to post off the log book to the DVLA for ages, and finally got around to it a couple of weeks ago. Well, this morning I got a letter from the DVLA saying thanks, we've updated our details. This evening I got home to find a red card from the post office, requiring me to sign for a delivery. So I worked out I had just enough time and got the delivery, which turned out to be a letter sent by registered post from a company who had recovered the car on the 3rd Oct and wanted ~£470 pounds for the recovery and storage costs..!!

Remembering the DVLA adverts telling you that you're liable for your car until you inform the DVLA that it's been transferred I started really stressing that I was going to have to cough up with this money. After a number of fraught phone calls and Skype calls, I finally managed to track down that:
  1. The DVLA's automated phone system is tortuous (but we knew that anyway)
  2. They go by the date written on the form, not the date they received the form - HOORAY!
  3. The guy had broken down on the M40 (not crashed)
  4. [ profile] kissycat1000 had his details buried in an email somewhere, so I was able to get the details to the company almost straight away
  5. That the DVLA and the recovery company are open until at least 7:30pm (thank god, that's saved my night's sleep)
  6. I'm quite glad I didn't sell the car to a friend after all.
I knew it was on the way out, that's why I sold it. Even though, I have to admit a little surprise that it broke down so soon after selling it, as we'd been to London and back in it shortly before I sold it. I wonder what they did (or didn't do) to it.

I think I'm 95% happy I'm off the hook. But f'ing hell. If anyone sells a car, post the slip the same damn day, or risk all sorts of pain and misery.

Right, I'm off to have dinner, have a shower and try to relax and enjoy the rest of my evening.

This announcement brought to you by the letters A and C and the number 4.
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Here is a listing for my old car. Going cheap! Anyone interested? :)
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The silver Vauxhall Calibra 2 litre 8 valve automatic I have bought arrived this evening. I took it for a little drive, while listening to radio 4 (appropriately enough). It's fun and relaxing to drive - shame it doesn't drive itself! Performance is quite nice thank you.

Was thinking about filling up as it came with a bit under a quarter of a tank. Driving into the first petrol station it turns out they had run out of normal unleaded. So had the second one. Hmm. Only I would go for a purposeless drive (very out of character for me) in the middle of a national fuel protest and the resultant panic buying.

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