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Deleting your entire photo collection in a clear-up is never a good thing to do. Luckily for me, I realised what I had done moments after I had done it. I am in the process of undeleting all the files - there's only one or two that have failed to undelete so far. Luckily (again) for me, I had recently acquired a tape drive (for nothing!) and performed a backup of the essential files on my portable harddisk for protection against the worst. I've restored all the pictures on the tape, and with any luck any new photos on the disk will be undeleted successfully. I'm sitting here with directory compare software to compare what's good, what's not and what's missing from the undelete. Win!

Now I just need to resurrect beast, which keeled over at some point during the DIY work on the house and I didn't have time to look at it. I have a box of 30 or so 40GB tapes; I've worked out it will take me the best part of a week to back beast up. But then I can rebuild it, and/or upgrade it *grin*.

In other news, I put the bathroom door lock in place and put up a shelf in the kids' bedroom so they can finally watch DVDs in their bedroom. Progress is good :)
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I've been doing as the subject suggests - a weekend of lovely, also with some work on the room, which is looking like it's going to be ready a little early, which is nice. Thursday I decided to take off work in order to rest due to illness and pushing myself, but the plasterer popped over and said he could only do the work tomorrow morning. So I ended up clearing the room and stripping the ceiling and wallpaper and ripping out the cupboard while I was 'recovering'. Upon which I discovered that THERE WAS NO WALL BEHIND ONE OF THE WARDROBE SIDES. F%$&£$. Cue me ALSO putting up a plasterboard wall in the evening with [ profile] meltie's help - thank the gods he happened to be around and didn't mind being put to work yet again on my house ;) [ profile] kissycat1000 mentions this here.

[ profile] ev1ldonut sanded the room's walls on Sunday, but the room has no door, so unfortunately the rest of the house (including my new room which I'd cleaned and dusted everything in during its migration from old to new room) is now covered in a fine layer of plaster dust, which can't be good for electrical things or expensive speakers, and will take me considerable time to clear up :/

Anyway, buying the stereo for my car has made a huge difference to my driving pleasure. Thanks [ profile] thespirit3! I can listen to the music I want, in decent quality, and loudly (which is rare at home etc). This makes me very happy.

Finally, in honour of my current appearance, I thought you could all do with a photo of how I currently look, which is something like this: )


Nov. 7th, 2006 09:48 am
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Yesterday was a long day. I had a sore throat.

I slept in my new room for the first time last night - not very well: the door is drying downstairs and will need a second coat, so light woke me up and also stopped me from going to sleep easily - and I'm not used to the sound of the central heating from the new room - the boiler is in the room below and the pipes run through the floor and wall.

My throat is sorer today :(. Today will also be a long day. So will tomorrow, and the day after that, then the weekend.
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This morning [ profile] kissycat1000 finished all but one drop of wallpapering in my room, while I fiddled with doors and whatnot. All that is left is to move the light switch (and fill and paper where it was), paint and rehang the door, and carpet. I can move in this weekend as planned.

I drove to work in the bright sunshine, slightly tired but better than before. The room is so nearly finished. It feels good :)

I am making progress at work. Only minor bummer is I have a headache, and my sore throat is giving me strong warning signs, so I had better take it easy tonight or risk losing my weekend to illness.
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Well thanks to the extra hands of [ profile] sacha37 and [ profile] easternpromise, along with [ profile] kissycat1000 we managed to finish stripping the wallpaper and sand the majority of the walls ready for sealing and painting - I think a start was made on sanding the woodwork too. [ profile] kissycat1000 pasted the bits of wallpaper that J had torn off back on with really strong glue, ready to be repainted when it's dry. I sorted out the shower, which needed sealing. I also finally finished boarding the loft, after I rerouted the extension cord for the network switches into its final position. We we going great guns, and just as we were finishing up, I put a screw through a floorboard into a water pipe. Disaster!

After some dicking around working out the best thing to do, I ended up scooting off to B&Q to pick up a section of pipe and a jubilee clip. Got back and fixed that - I'll have to call the plumber on Monday to replace the thankfully short but unfortunately bent piece of 22mm pipe.

I'm definitely worn out now; I've just finished clearing up downstairs, so now I think I'm going to have a shower and relax for the rest of the evening.

Thanks guys, I owe you pints/meal etc. We'll have to work out how you can collect at a later date :)

But all in all, I'm feeling a lot more upbeat about getting it all done in time, which is the main thing.
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Yesterday was a washout - I wasn't expecting to do any work but I have been feeling wiped out all day.

The decorator I booked came round and quoted me just shy of £1100 to do both bedrooms, all inclusive excepting buying wallpaper and carpets, and fitting carpets. I just can't afford that - that's a good portion of my kitchen right there.

And I appear to be ill, so I'm just feeling overwhelmed with the work that's got to be done and the shrinking amount of time left to do it in. I'm going to have to take time off work to do it.

Then to top it all off, the kids were tired and ratty before bed time, with J escalating his bad behaviour. Thankfully he didn't wet the bed or carpet (as he has done in the past; T did warn us that he was threatening to though). Instead he pulled the curtains off and also tore off strips of wallpaper.

All just really rather depressing. I think I'm going to play a game for an hour or so while trying to wake up, then do some of the last tasks before [ profile] sacha37 comes over to help prepare the walls.
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Hi all,

Just wondering if you're local and not up to much this Saturday, would you fancy coming over to my house to help prepare the master bedroom for decorating? It will involve steaming and scraping wallpaper backing, sanding woodwork, sizing (painting with weak paste) ceilings, etc.

I can offer beer and pizza when we're done, and attempts at being sociable while we work :) [ profile] kissycat1000 and kids will already be there...
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This morning I woke up after having some lucid dreams. I guess it probably started when I realised that I'd screwed a plank down that was now behind the new wall that's been plastered, and I need to get it up to make one last change. So that's going to be a pain. In addition to the extra work I hadn't realised the walls would need I guess it's all just anxiety.

Anyway, that appeared to manifest in my dreams as Tianna's friends coming over to a different house where we were living and them wrecking the plastered walls I'd just put up. I woke up feeling really angry, but all the while knowing it was just a dream.

So now I'm feeling fairly sorry for myself, but I need to shake off the fug and get on with it.

There, an attempt to document my brain-meats. Of course it only talks about what's on the surface. I haven't really worked out much beyond that - I don't really have time to think about it. Which is probably good, in a way.
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Hello World.

Good, got that out of the way. I've just been reading some entries from the 'One day in History' blog, which was.. I think turgid is the best word to describe it. But I guess it made me realise that I hardly actually make entries in here any more - I consider the audience before me, which is at least considerate if nothing else, but it does mean I don't really record anything in particular.

At any rate, today has been odd. Did some DIY this evening amongst trying to sort out a few other things, and [ profile] leopardspice popped over for a cuppa, which was nice. Sorry I was rather distracted and scatty - I even forgot to give you back the leopardprint hair tie you left here since the last party!

Anyway, the door is now framed and filled, but I've just realised how much work is left to scrape the walls - although it looks like the paper is off, the backing is still mostly there - I don't think I can paper over it as it will come off the walls, so it's going to be a steam and scrape job.

Still, never mind. It'll all get done eventually.

Thanks [ profile] kissycat1000 for listing the first of many things that really need to go as they're just clogging up the place but can't just be chucked. I'm so crap at selling.

Ugh, well I've had enough of this so I'm going to go and play the Dark Messiah demo and see if it's any good.

Rolling on

Oct. 11th, 2006 03:28 pm
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Different plasterer coming at around 2/3 the price, this Saturday. Last Saturday I finished putting up the framework and plasterboard with help from [ profile] ev1ldonut. Room was half cleared by myself and [ profile] kissycat1000 last night; tonight I have to do the final prep in time for the plasterers. Tomorrow night [ profile] kissycat1000 and I are going to clear the last bits from the room.

Then I 'just' need to sand, finish stripping, hang wallpaper, paint ceilings and woodwork and lay carpet before I can move into the master bedroom.

Then I need to do it all over again with the second bedroom (originally typed as badroom *grin*).

All this needs to be done before 1st Dec. I think I'm going to be on target; I can always take time off if needs be.

Have been feeling somewhat trepid about the amount of work that needs to be done, but the plan has been put in place and it's been going quite well, and I am very grateful for the help that [ profile] kissycat1000 and [ profile] ev1ldonut have been providing. I will find ways to reimburse you one way or another, guys.

Work has been busy, which is good.
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I've just realised that it would have actually saved me money if I got a builder in to finish off my master bedroom - the way it would have done that is if I could rent out my other room sooner than if I were doing the work myself, such that the rent from the time period I missed would more than cover the building work. Plus of course the work would be done earlier. And by a professional. And not me. Damn. Wish I'd realised that all sooner.

As it is I have the next couple of weekends planned to work on the room which will hopefully get it in a position to get the plasterers in before decorating. I think I should sit down and work out if it might still be worthwhile getting a builder in.
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I haven't really updated meaningfully in a while. And I've run out of interesting things to do, so I'm procrastinating before I have to get on with my boring work.

Interesting work )

Sleeping Patterns )

Computer Games )


Right, that's enough procrastination. I suppose I'd better get on with some work ;)
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It was Saturday morning. The morning of the big DIY weekend. I had accepted my fate, and was actually quite cheerful. I popped out to the shops to pick up some milk and the radio played The Troggs/With A Girl Like You at me, which was great.

A story in pictures )

More DIY

Jan. 15th, 2006 07:13 pm
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The smallest bedroom now has the ladder and the storage boxes fitted, trim to hide the cut, and the new vent grill fitted.

AND we emptied the loft, so now all I need to do is take up the flooring and fit the joists, and then I can call the insulators. Then there's just the roof and exterior walls, kitchen, building and decorating the rest of the house.. :)
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Finally, the almost-complete fruits of our ([ profile] ev1ldonut, [ profile] kissycat1000, [ profile] meltie and myself) labour:

The transformation of the smallest bedroom in my house )

If the rest of my house comes out this well I will be dead chuffed :)
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I'm having some much-needed holiday, yesterday and today. I think though I stayed up too late playing Fable on Wednesday night, then [ profile] kissycat1000 came to wake me up, and it's just gone slowly downhill from there. Although yesterday was very nice, with bike riding, christmas shopping that wasn't a chore (!), then a meal and a trip to the cinema (thanks to [ profile] ev1ldonut for babysitting).

Today I'm sitting quietly, trying not to overdo things to avoid making myself unwell. However I'm aware that I wanted to finish off one job and do another big one with help over the weekend. If anyone wants to volunteer to help me move stuff out of the loft, take up the flooring and install joists I'd be very, very grateful. Perhaps to the tune of a pub lunch on Sunday? [ profile] meltie I'm sort of hoping this will appeal to you, followed by Munchkin?
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Rambling eureka! details )
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I appear to have hired two plasterers to do the smallest bedroom ceiling (8'x10'?) a week from today, for £110. Hurrah! Now let's see if they're any good and turn up on time etc...

After the thought (I was just very glad to have someone turn up) I realise I probably should have haggled on the price. But doing this room is the cornerstone of the rest of the work, so I'll just get it done and worry about pricing for the rest of the work down the line. Perhaps I'll actually get several quotes etc. next time.

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