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In a fit of pique last week I bought a Chromecast. Not that this is a review but it works pretty well and has made the process of actually getting a video on the screens (at least of a Netflix persuasion) almost a pleasure!

My only consternation was that I live in the UK, and most content is only available if you live in the US.. or pay one of the many VPN or unblocker services to grant you the full US version of Netflix. If you are viewing it on a browser you can use things like mediahint or hola but again these are mostly black boxes and don't easily work with an appliance like Chromecast.

I found some links suggesting how this should be fixed by remapping the default DNS servers Chromecast uses from Google's to their own (once you have an account with them). However, this isn't the whole story - Chromecast only uses* Google's DNS servers if your DHCP server doesn't tell it otherwise. Once I figured that out, I then set about finding some free US-based DNS servers and then attempting to configure dnsmasq to configure US DNS just for it (and additionally any android clients you may want to use to control it). Dnsmasq isn't the best documented so this took some doing. Based on this stackoverflow snippet, here's what I use:


If you have a PS3 or other console you can most likely just set one or more of the DNS IPs in their network settings and voilĂ !

* probably - I haven't tried this
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The upgrade had many.. hiccups, but it's completed now. I spent from 11pm last Monday night until 5:30am on the Tuesday morning, then from 9:30am on Tuesday until 12:30am on Wednesday morning.

I've spent most evenings since then (bar the weekend) tweaking, fixing and updating. I now have an upgraded server, hosting it's own wireless access point, Exchange, and nearly all of the important services that the old server had.

Now I just need to get everyone set up with Exchange and ensure they're happy with it, figure out a backup mechanism for it, etc.

It's taken a fairly monumental effort, but I've got there, and I'm happy with the results :)

On a side note, I got into work and it was still fairly gloomy. I got back from work and it was gloomy. Winter - bah, humbug.
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I am in the process of copying files off my old home server onto the new home server. Due to equipment compatibilities and me misplacing converters, I'm going to have to do everything in a bigger step than I'd hoped (i.e. I can't easily 'go back').

At present mine and [ profile] ev1ldonut's main email accounts are non-operational. But by the end of today I hope to have upgraded the PS3 to a 100GB HDD as well as upgrade the main server. Converting emails and calendars.. well, I have some ideas but I haven't gone all the way through yet.

Because this is such a mammoth project (it's been going on and off since February) I decided just to take the day off and do it, otherwise I'd never get it done.

I was up until 5am after getting back at 11pm, and I woke up again at 9:30am this morning.

If you don't hear from me.. well, that appears to be par for the course nowadays. But if you don't hear from [ profile] ev1ldonut much, that'll be my fault. Sorry. :)
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This weekend I managed to rust treat and then paint the patch of rust on my old car, and advertise it with a website that takes a one-time payment and advertises with many sites until your car is sold.

The other thing I was doing was something I put off for a quiet weekend as it was risky, and would mean my fileserver was out of action until it was at least partially finished: replacing behemoth's motherboard, processor and memory with new ones, and installing the latest version of Solaris 10 (u5).

The new motherboard has PCI-X slots, and was actually the motherboard I originally wanted but was hidden away in an obscure location on the supplier's website, so I got the one I currently have. But that's not too bad, as I can now re-use that for a new version of frontier, my always-on do-everything machine. The new version will have 4GB RAM and thus be able to run virtual machines, enterprise collaboration suites, etc.

Anyway, the upgrade went well - I still have all my files - and I now have a system capable of 170MB/s write, 300MB/s read. This is being constrained by the PCI-X bus now instead of the PCI bus; I could go for more and move most of the disks on to the onboard controllers, but I definitely have the potential to max out a gigabit NIC and that's all I really need for now. Besides, I'd lose the flashing disk lights!
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Not sure who has seen this problem but certainly on Fedora Core 5, postfix in its default configuration allows relaying from all subnets local to the machine, including local internet subnets on your ISP if your machine is connected directly to the internet. This is not necessarily obvious as testing by other sources to see if your machine is an open relay will not reveal this misconfiguration.

I discovered this after Postfix had crashed under the weight of spam a machine on my ISP's local subnet was sending through me.

The fix is to change mynetworks_style from the default of subnet to host. You do use authenticated sending only, right? (check smtpd_recipient_restrictions includes permit_sasl_authenticated and not a lot else).

I debugged this and was up to 2am last night clearing up after the mess.
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Went into town today to (amongst other things) visit [ profile] theeighth's housemate's new comic book shop called Proud Lion. Turns out he doesn't just do comics but board, card and roleplaying games too! And he'll be setting up regular games nights/weekends at his shop. This is fantastic news! I'm really hoping it will become a focal point for local card/board/roleplaying game geeks. Cheltenham has been lacking this sort of place (in my view).

Proud Lion flyer under cut )


Mar. 21st, 2008 01:40 am
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The Illz -> broken sleep patterns -> awake at silly times -> boredom -> spending money.

Oops. Still, I'll have more laptop hard drive space, a MUCH improved gateway machine that also acts as a wireless access point (fingers crossed) and a fileserver that will max out the gigabit network properly :) (again, fingers crossed that the disks are happily recognised by the new build of Solaris...)
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I have HD versions of the first two LotRs and episodes 5 and 6 of Star Wars (currently). I also have Planet Earth in HD.

Short notice but I believe we plan to watch the first 50 minute Planet Earth episode tonight, on the projector. It is simply breathtaking.

Let me know if you want to see Planet Earth with us tonight, or plan a LotR or Star Wars weekend, or other HD films (I have quite a few others). Let me know when you're available to see them and we'll see if we can arrange mutually agreeable times.
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Once again FaceBook users are taken for a ride by the "Compare People" app, whose developer is now attempting to sell access to all your results for a fee.

My policy is not to give away personal information to a third party where possible, especially not if it's in an easily mineable format. This is the main thing that makes me nervous of FaceBook and nearly all of its (3rd party) apps.

Plus, now I just get spammed with meme requests, which I can turn off for each individual app, but not globally just auto-reject new app request notifications.

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I made the appropriate sacrifices to the blood god and the money god, and lo, they were pleased, for my new fileserver, behemoth, went together smoothly and worked on first switch on :)

Thanks to [ profile] ev1ldonut who unpackaged everything and fitted the 15 drives to their docks while I tackled modding the case to fit the three sets of drive chassis: the bays all had little metal tabs to support individual 5.25" bay devices, so these all had to be pushed back out to make way for the drive chassis.

He even went to the chinese to get food for us as it had got after 9pm and I hadn't eaten.. :)

I now have 6.18TB of usable space in a 15x 500GB disk ZFS RAIDZ pool :)

More details and pictures )
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The title says it all, really. I was up until nearly 1am playing with the device and installing new software.

In many ways the N800 is the best of all worlds, in my (probably not very humble) view.

Geeking )

I've installed and played Bomberman and lxDoom, too. Which was fun. :)
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I just bought (and picked up) one of these.


Jun. 9th, 2007 01:21 am
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It's not often I drool over the creative possibilities of musical instruments, but this one does also fulfil my geek lust as well. Probably of interest to a disproportionately large amount of my friends list: the ReacTable. Watch this Google video here first :)

Saw this being used in one of Bjork's performances and was intrigued...
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I've created [ profile] geekysundays for computer gamers who want to play games that aren't really LAN suitable, take too long (NWN anyone?), or simply can't get to LANs, or whatever. If you think you might be interested, go and have an explore!

I've pointed our lot at it already - it remains to be seen if they take to the LJ thing as we've been using a mailing list just to organise actual LANs themselves, but figured this sort of traffic could do with the better management LJ can offer.
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Seems the phishers are getting up to new tricks - this time using a program to modify data in transit between your browser (typically this is done for IE7) and the website - so it looks like you're visiting the correct site, but you're actually sending information to the phishers. Worse, standard AV and AS software hasn't caught on to this yet. Be vigilant for unusual security forms asking for lots of information. Gakked from TheRegister here.
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Does anyone have about 1.1TB of free space kicking around that I could borrow for a weekend..? It needn't be all in one partition, and it doesn't have to be any time soon. But if you are planning a storage upgrade, I would love to borrow it before you fill it up to transition mine. Cheeky, but then what are geek friends for? ;)
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At the moment the place that [ profile] ev1ldonut and I live in doesn't have a name, and we've struggled to work out a name for it. So in true geek/internet style, I'm polling for suggestions :)

I know of several other places with definite names: Fortress Geek, House of Goth, House of Plot. I like that style of name, so I'd be grateful if you'd choose your favourite(s) from the list below, and then also suggest what it should be a 'House of' or what have you.

[Poll #982934]

Of course we reserve the right not to go with the majority decision or even use it at all, but it might be fun to see what we get :)
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Found it difficult to get up yesterday, even more so today. Was still contemplating going in when [ profile] kissycat1000 pointed out that I should rest. I realised I hadn't really got much useful done yesterday anyway. Now I'm sat here I'm beginning to realise I'm feeling feverish. Rest and fluids for me, then.

[ profile] chocojon invited me to Joost - I think anyone can now get invited, so let me know if you're interested. After an initial networking problem (no idea what the cause was, but restarting both the gateway firewall and the local machine's firewall seemed to solve it) I was able to get picture. It can stutter a little for the first 20 seconds, but after that it's really pretty solid. The programmes all appear to be in 4:3 format at present. Would be nice to see a widescreen option/programmes. On our 4Mb cable broadband, the sound and picture quality is pretty much the same as SD cable tv channels - i.e. perfectly serviceable. I haven't yet worked out how much bandwidth it consumes to try to ensure I keep us from getting throttled.

What Pandora did for music, Joost is doing for telly - although Joost is (will be?) advert supported and shows whole series, Pandora only allows you to choose music similar to one you specify.

There is a channel on there called 'Gong', which seems to have 4 or 5 anime series. :) The range isn't spectacular at present - enough for most people to find something they like, but I'm hearing they're doing deals with big companies keen to ensure they don't turn out like the RIAA.

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