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Well I'm at work on a Wednesday, first time in four weeks. This is an improvement. However, sleeping continues to be an issue - I also seem to be sleeping very lightly at present which causes problems when I try to share a bed with [ profile] kissycat1000 during the week - not an ideal situation by any stretch of the imagination.

I remember having an anxiety dream last night where I was supposed to be making a call to a work meeting at 4pm although I was at home ill. I remember realising the time was something like 4:06pm or 4:07pm and not dialling in for fear of turning up late, and of course feeling guilty about missing the call.

I'm feeling a bit more chipper though thanks to all your reassurance on my last post, and I'm starting to arrange social things too :)

I need icons of all my hobbies (crossed out ones I already have icons for): hifi, roleplaying, geeking (I have several), poker, boardgames, computer gaming, cycling, archery (will be starting that soon, hopefully!) and I could do with a few other icons for moods.

I have an 'eyes down' icon which represents a number of moods, but I could do with one for when I'm feeling emo (self flagellating) rather than actually down. I also need another one other than my 'nice fish' one for a general icon, preferably that doesn't contain my face. I also need a distinct (from my LJ icons) one for FaceBook that represents me - a caricature or symbol, perhaps? Any suggestions or offers of help gratefully received!
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On Friday we went to Judder, where [ profile] mandalorean mostly convinced me to spend money on new shocks for my bike which should make it far more fun to ride.

Yesterday, accompanied by [ profile] ev1ldonut and [ profile] samoth, I went to buy a pedal cycle. I spent slightly over my budget at £350, but got mudguards and a racing tyre valve -> normal type valve converter thrown in for free.

Then I drove home and washed my car thoroughly; probably for the second time in two years of owning it. Then I drove back into town, picked up and paid for the bike which had now been suitably fettled with, and drove with it round to Phill's house, where we then worked on the car for the rest of the afternoon, sorting out the rust patches, while I gave it a damn good clean inside.

Now it's back, all I have to do is change over the stereo for the old one and get it through its MOT on Tuesday and it'll be ready to sell.

Today I cycled to the pub for lunch, where I had a lighter more healthy lunch and no beer. I found I wanted something lighter after riding. Riding back I actually beat the lot in the car through taking a slightly shorter route and not getting held up in traffic so much :)

I think I want a larger front sprocket though - I'm already running out of gears. Other than that it's absolutely fantastic :)

After getting back from the pub [ profile] ev1ldonut and I tackled the back garden, and along with the front garden which we did on Thursday, we now have 6 completely full bags of garden refuse waiting to be picked up on Tuesday morning.

I ache, so much, and I'm quite shattered. But I'm quite chuffed with the amount of exercise I've done recently, and that's been productive exercise, too :)

Typing is making my wrists sting; they've been lacerated by vicious plants and some of the plant juices have irritated them. I don't want to rest them on anything.
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After a weekend of eating 'crap' (figuratively, not literally), I've sort of made the decision to stop taking sugar in my tea, certainly at work at least. I've tried it before, stuck with it for a few months but slipped back into it somehow. Also need to start doing more exercise again; I had a good thing going for a few weeks, but it slipped as well. I'm still cycling every Monday without fail though, and still walking to and from the local Tesco for food at work, but I've noticed that my energy levels have dropped significantly along with my exercise. I quite liked being awake enough to want to take the motorbike in every day, for example :)
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Although I could have dragged my sorry arse into work today, I decided that the overwhelming tiredness I felt at the beginning and end of the day yesterday (to the point that I didn't feel safe to drive in the evening) was a sign that I'm trying to fight off the bug that the rest of the family have been struggling with. This morning I woke up feeling rougher than previous days too, so I'm resting in the hopes I'll be able to do DIY on Saturday and go out in the evening with [ profile] sacha37 as I'm sure he's going to attempt to drag me out.
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I'm hoping you lot can help me. My weak-framed glasses have finally given way. I tried superglue, but it doesn't appear to be strong enough on the small surface area that needs to be glued. I could get them soldered, but Vision Express, who have labs onsite, are going through a refit so they aren't available currently.

I'm therefore considering trying contact lenses. I don't know what my prescription is, or pretty much anything else about them. Recommendations please, with costs?
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I don't know how many of you will know, but I have slowly been putting on weight since adolescence (and I don't just mean weight through height). I have been becoming unpleasently overweight over the last year or so, and getting depressed about it as well.

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Sep. 23rd, 2005 11:41 pm
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I did some mild DIY this morning (hanging a mirror and pictures), then was a flake for the rest of the day, then came back home to sleep instead of seeing [ profile] cryx this evening. This week off seems to have done me no good at all, and I'm very worried that I'm going to be starting my new job in this state. I'm going to go out of my way to not go out of my way, if you see what I mean. Drive rather than ride, take the lift rather than the stairs, just to give myself every possible chance.

In the mean time, I have been greatly enjoying Elf Only Inn, gakked from [ profile] robinbloke.
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I've just given all mywork's stuff in to work. A week early.

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So here I am, sitting on [ profile] kissycat1000's sofa, typing this entry, officially 'between jobs'. I feel quite knackered and run down and probably glad I don't have to go into work this week, but still. Bit of a weird way to go.

Oh, note: Anyone who thinks they have a mobile number for me - you don't. I don't currently own any mobile phones.


Sep. 5th, 2005 08:16 pm
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Pain is very tiring.

I am very tired.

That is all.
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Well I've had my tonsillectomy. Apparently it was quite a difficult one, as I was in theatre for 2 hours instead of the normal 30 minutes. Still, my recovery appears to be going very well; I had a bowl of cornflakes and two slices of brown toast with marmalade on it this morning :)

I've also signed up to Skype, with the obvious username. Feel free to add me!

I'm going to relax for a bit then see if my new toys will be ready to test on Saturday :)

Oh, [ profile] kissycat1000 wants me to tell you all that I'm probably going to be doing a bit of work from home when I'm not feeling too rough. She wants you all to berate me. She also made a post about the tonsillectomy here if you want to read it :)


Aug. 25th, 2005 01:33 pm
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It all feels a bit unreal as I sit here waiting for the Directors' meeting to finish. I think we're going to end up having an IT meeting first, but I should be able to get some time with my boss before she goes.

Oh, my tonsillectomy is 1st September. That's next Thursday. Argh.

Still, I think it might all work out well. Guess we'll find out soon :)
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The consultant asked me some basic questions about my bouts of tonsilitus and warned me that there was about a 1 in 110+ chance of secondary bleeding (which would require another trip into theatre to repair). Other than that and told me to wait for a letter giving the date to have my tonsils out. Oh.. okay.

I hope it comes after August as I'll have to reschedule it if it's before or during the holiday... I hope I get and am in my new job by then as well, because Intercall are not going to like me having my tonsils out right in the middle of the site reshuffle either. Oh dear. Lol.

Actually, I couldn't have picked a worse time (from their perspective) to do all this. Ah well.
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I think I overdid it at [ profile] rillaith's very successful and enjoyable games weekend and didn't manage to get enough good quality sleep and today I have the beginnings of tonsilitus. I was able to get an appointment pretty much first thing so I've got some antibiotics and hopefully it won't have time to develop and I'll be back at work tomorrow. Still, more ammunition for my ENT appointment in a couple of weeks' time.

[ profile] beeby (my mother) called up to find out more about what's been going on as she'd read some of my recent happenings in [ profile] kissycat1000's journal - yes I should really update more. Hi mum! *waves*

We attended Jordan's review meeting which was good and we were able to give some feedback and hopefully encourage his obvious musical talents.

After lunch with [ profile] kissycat1000 we played Bust-A-Move 2, and when the scores were 7-10 to her I declared we should play to 15. We got to 14 games apiece and the tie-breaker was nail biting. We were both making mistakes but she was the first to go down, leaving me the victor! *gloat*

[ profile] emilydongray, now I've got my camera back I've got that photo of you which has come out really well - is it OK to post that in my journal?

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