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I have HD versions of the first two LotRs and episodes 5 and 6 of Star Wars (currently). I also have Planet Earth in HD.

Short notice but I believe we plan to watch the first 50 minute Planet Earth episode tonight, on the projector. It is simply breathtaking.

Let me know if you want to see Planet Earth with us tonight, or plan a LotR or Star Wars weekend, or other HD films (I have quite a few others). Let me know when you're available to see them and we'll see if we can arrange mutually agreeable times.

So far..

Jun. 14th, 2007 10:14 pm
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So far this holiday has cost me around ~£1500 and I suspect it will be around ~£2000 or possibly even more by the time I've finished. However, that's bought me an AudioLab 8000Q and 2x 8000Ms. Sounds fantastic :) The downside is I now need matching amplification for my centre and rears, and a phono amp as well as the 8000Q doesn't have one - more expense :/.

[ profile] kissycat1000 also ended up buying speakers which also sound fantastic :)

Today I put up a house number on my house (finally!), cleared out my utility area, fitted a fluorescent tube, repaired a lightswitch, cleaned a fridge and a freezer, ran around like a headless chicken trying to get everything inside the house when it started raining, putting more carpetting in place, then finally getting it back into the right place in the utility area. Soon we will swap over the food from the current fridge/freezer which is at the wrong end of the kitchen to the fridge which is closer, and the freezer out in the utility area. Now I just need to hire a plumber to put hot, cold and waste pipes in to the utility area and then I can put the washing machine out there too :)

A nice steak with [ profile] kissycat1000 (except hers didn't come up to strach, disappointingly) tonight.

Tomorrow I start off on my tour. I haven't really arranged much aside from visiting [ profile] izzy_stradlin.. but I'm sure I'll make it up as I'm going along ;)
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[ profile] mandelorean just texted me (amongst others I presume) to tell me that the bike place where his girlfriend works is having a Harley open weekend - come along and she'll organise a ride on a Harley/Buell for us.. and I can't as I'm still recovering from this tonsilectomy! AAAAAARGH! [ profile] kissycat1000 and I have just finished watching The Long Way Round, a series about Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman's trip around the world on motorcycles (I originally started riding motorcycles because I wanted to go around the world on one, so this is a bittersweet thing, although there's still plenty of time to do it if I can get it all together at some point). In the last episode, they got to ride on some wild custom choppers which reminded me of my passion for cruisers (my first bike was a cruiser [alright: in the style of]). [ profile] ev1ldonut has also always been keen on them as well..

My bike has had the work done to it and was waiting to go to the tuners to be properly set up. Unfortunately the tuning centre chap got a bit of metal in his eye from a lathe and was rushed to hospital - poor chap. This also means that my bike is sitting there *pouts*.

As I've been shut inside with contact only from those already close to me (doctor's orders), I've had the chance to do little else but be rather geeky. Apologies made for the following only if you think I need to ;)

HiFi geekery )

Computer geekery )

My recovery continues to go well. I'm less tired and in less pain all the time, so that's good :)
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Further to my last post, [ profile] ev1ldonut and [ profile] kissycat1000 kindly brought the amp and centre speaker back from the shop for me. It sounds good playing movies, and so it should for a total of around 3 grand's worth of hifi (oh, and a 30 quid DVD player outputting in digital *grin*).

Playing back music (from the cheap DVD player in PCM mode) it sounds good, but a bit harsh in places. There's more detail, and the distribution of frequencies sounds different (probably better, but for now it just sounds different). It may just be a case of trying different speaker cable.

[ profile] dylan, when are you coming up with all your hifi?? :)

I've not been feeling on top of the world today, very tired and sore. This evening has been better though.


Sep. 2nd, 2005 04:59 pm
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I just decided to spend £1180 on my bike: 36,000km service, Akropovic 4-2-1 full road exhaust system (with removable baffle), K&N air filter, Dyno rejet & tune. I checked the insurance and it's only another 36 quid to include the stuff on the bike including an extra £500 on the value for the remaining 6 months of the policy. Win!

Oh, and second part of the bad stuff; I've just also confirmed with the hifi shop to pick up the Arcam AVR300 and Spendor S9C centre speaker tomorrow afternoon for trial.. I'll probably end up buying the centre (as it's the last one) but return the amp until I can afford it (there should be a discount in the Christmas sales). You don't even want to know how much those two babys are going to cost me..

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