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I got back from my travels on Wednesday night after quite a fantastic ride back from Brighton to Cheltenham where I got a little lost and thought I'd run out of fuel at one point. I recuperated briefly at [ profile] kissycat1000's before we both visited [ profile] ninneviane on Thursday, which was refreshing. Hopefully we'll be able to spend a little more time with [ profile] ninneviane together every once in a while :)

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One slight problem: I acquired a parking ticket in Brighton on my bike for being 'Parked in a permit space without displaying a valid permit'. I wonder just how I'm supposed to display a valid permit on a motorcycle! I will be contesting this, I think.

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On Monday I go back to work and the promise of the 'new projects', which both scares me and excites me. It'll probably be an anti-climax in one way or another, so I shouldn't get too wound up about it.

Tonight I am babysitting while the others go to see Cats; the rest of the weekend [ profile] nina321 is around. Time for a nice winding down weekend before I go back to work on Monday, I think :)
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On holiday; visited [ profile] izzy_stradlin over the weekend where we went to a Marillion gig and then spent the rest of the weekend relaxing, which was nice. The weather on the ride up wasn't quite so pleasant. Spent Sunday evening with [ profile] beeby and my sister, and learned that one of my younger cousins is getting married shortly and will also be having a baby! I also learned that my dad and step-mum are planning to go to the wedding, which makes me want to go to the wedding more.

Yesterday I came round to see [ profile] blaadyblah and we went to the pub, had a few drinks and came back and watched Dylan Moran, Bill Bailey and Black Books, which was also fun. Today I called [ profile] olsw who I haven't spoken to in ages and seen in even longer and arranged to go and see him tonight. Tomorrow I go home, recoup and spend some time with [ profile] kissycat1000, before going to visit [ profile] ninneviane on Thursday, possibly with [ profile] kissycat1000 :)

So far..

Jun. 14th, 2007 10:14 pm
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So far this holiday has cost me around ~£1500 and I suspect it will be around ~£2000 or possibly even more by the time I've finished. However, that's bought me an AudioLab 8000Q and 2x 8000Ms. Sounds fantastic :) The downside is I now need matching amplification for my centre and rears, and a phono amp as well as the 8000Q doesn't have one - more expense :/.

[ profile] kissycat1000 also ended up buying speakers which also sound fantastic :)

Today I put up a house number on my house (finally!), cleared out my utility area, fitted a fluorescent tube, repaired a lightswitch, cleaned a fridge and a freezer, ran around like a headless chicken trying to get everything inside the house when it started raining, putting more carpetting in place, then finally getting it back into the right place in the utility area. Soon we will swap over the food from the current fridge/freezer which is at the wrong end of the kitchen to the fridge which is closer, and the freezer out in the utility area. Now I just need to hire a plumber to put hot, cold and waste pipes in to the utility area and then I can put the washing machine out there too :)

A nice steak with [ profile] kissycat1000 (except hers didn't come up to strach, disappointingly) tonight.

Tomorrow I start off on my tour. I haven't really arranged much aside from visiting [ profile] izzy_stradlin.. but I'm sure I'll make it up as I'm going along ;)


Jun. 12th, 2007 05:11 pm
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Holiday! Starts tomorrow, ends Friday next week! I'm not back in work until a week Monday! Now I just have to plan the DIY and the visits etc that I want to do :)

Feel free to leave me dates/times that are convenient for you to help me plan it :) I plan to do the DIY first to get it out of the way - no one wants to come back from holiday to DIY...

Poker tonight tomorrow (duh!), btw :)

Also, Games weekend on the 30th June / 1st July?

When are we having that Hot Fuzz film evening?
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Last weekend I went to a LAN at an old friend's in Bristol. It was a small and friendly LAN; the host cooked breakfast and dinner for us every day. OMG the food was SO nice! I asked him how much for him to come and cook for me but he just laughed. Ah well.

After I've finished this current project at werk (hopefully within a couple of weeks), I plan to take some holiday, in which I plan to tend my rapidly overgrowing garden, rearrange my utility area and swap over the fridge-freezers, go through PC bits and create a new faster PC for J, and just generally relax.

I may be up for visiting people or doing whatever too. Leave me a comment if you'd like me to visit, probably on my bike..
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Quite a long one, so here are some cut tags:

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Finally, in more upbeat news, [ profile] sepheri will be joining in the party celebrations to make the increasingly inaccurately named the Truly Terrible Trio's party into a foursome. Not that I'm complaining. I guess it's now the OMGWTFBBQ. So, don't forget to let me know if you're planning to come / want crash space / want to know where it is :)


Aug. 20th, 2005 01:14 pm
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I'm back from hols! The others are still a good way behind me (I rode my bike *grin*). I've started trying to go back through the entries but a weeks' worth is probably not going to be doable. So, if there are any engagements I need to be at, or important news I need to know, or just that you've missed me (hah), then leave a comment :)

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