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Couldn't get to sleep last night for nerves. Woke up early for the same reason.

Today I have:
  • A pre-assessment appointment at the hospital at 9am for my impending tonsillectomy (which according to the daft letter I've already had) which promises needles and other unpleasant things.
  • A list of questions already written to ask the HR person at Messagelabs - I'm hoping they can satisfy them on the call, otherwise that's going to be another tortuous wait.
  • Go into work for 12pm - I'm working until 10pm tonight to help them test out bridge functionality over a 10Mbit link
  • While I'm at work - the biggie - corner my boss and tell her the news and wait for her reaction.
  • Oh, and if I get through all that and feel like partying, there's Emergency Judder tonight.
I have no idea what it will be: crying, pleading, on knees etc? anger? snide comments? cold and calculating? warm and calculating (*shudder*) - or possibly worst: simply "OK - seeya!"

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It's started. It's 10:24.
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Well last night I was fairly stressed - I should have sorted all these things out well in advance.
  • I couldn't find my degree certificate (yes I did think at the time that it's not going to end up being important, but I will ring the uni today and see if they can't fax me a copy for now, and request a duplicate to be posted to me).
  • My suit's been nibbled by moths! Argh! The trousers are fine, but the jacket has two tiny but noticable holes. Ruined! That's fairly annoying (and not good for stress levels). I'm just going to wear the trousers I think.
  • Last night I ended driving back to my house twice from [ profile] kissycat1000's where I was staying to pick up first my belt, then my good shoes.
  • [ profile] ev1ldonut very kindly polished my shoes, and the iron wasn't horribly against me this time so I managed to get the wrinkles in the right place on my shirt.
  • I managed to get back in touch with my old unix mentor - she's one of the top people in her field (network security), and she's agreed to give me a reference, so that's a big plus.
I was so tired last night I was feeling rather down about the whole thing. This morning I've managed to get a reasonable night's sleep and apart from occasional pangs of anxiety I'm not feeling too bad. I guess things may change as the day wears on.


Jul. 24th, 2005 11:46 am
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I can't find my degree certificate for my interview tomorrow at 5pm! ARGH! And I haven't yet managed to get hold of an old friend who would make a fantastic referee. Incidentally I found myself using my current company's phone to call my old company to find out the details of an employee for a reference for the application for my new job. Much amusement.

I start work at 7:30am tomorrow morning, then at 4pm I leave, change into my suit and drive to the interview. Then I'm supposed to be roleplaying from 8pm until 11pm, then up again at 7:30am the next morning! Hmmm. I think tomorrow is going to kill me.

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