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Well the party is next weekend, to celebrate my 30th and [ profile] ninjagirl and [ profile] samoth's birthdays as well.

Just to let you all know we now have a 10ft pool in the back garden, so those that feel like it are welcome to bring swimming stuff really tiny bikinis to cool off :)
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A joint birthday party with [ profile] samoth and [ profile] ninjagirl. The usual type of party at the usual place. BBQ garden party (overflowing into the park behind the garden, if the mood strikes). Bring your own booze, BBQ food and sleeping bag if required. We will supply the BBQ coals and the bad internet. Toys of most varieties (including fire) welcome so bring them along. Limited crash space available (sofas and floor). No class A drugs or smoking tobacco in the house, please. Feel free to bring along some music. :)

The boys' house (ask if you don't know)

Saturday 1st September from 2pm(ish)
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[ profile] gashinryu's 40th is this Saturday at the usual place, starting at about 8pm when we get back from the Joust. Come along and help him celebrate :)

I need to remind people about the medieval banquet I'm attempting to organise for my 30th. There were quite a number of you interested when I suggested the idea - strangely though, when it came to coughing up none of you have so far ;)

So, please go to that post and update as appropriate and send me your moneys. The deadline for this will be 7pm Thursday 2nd August 2007, and I will announce the final go/no go for the 18th August date on Friday 3rd to allow people to book advance train tickets.
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Right, I've finally spoken to Cardiff Castle with respect to the Medieval Banquet I'm proposing for my 30th. At present, they have a tour operator provisionally booked for 40 of the 104 places on the first two and most promising dates we were interested in - 18th August and 1st September. The trouble is that the tour operator may not know their final numbers (and may pull out altogether) until a week or even just a couple of days before the event is due to be held, so this makes planning a bitch.

So, the current plan is to go for the first date: 18th August 2007. If this falls through, we may still be able to go for the 1st September.

The problem is under capacity, rather than over capacity - they require 40 people to make the event worth doing. At present I have around 20 people for either date.

So, I've asked [ profile] ev1ldonut and [ profile] kissycat1000 to pimp the event on their journals - I'm sure there are others who would be interested in coming along if they knew about it. Tell your friends! Better yet, BRING your friends!

I'd like to start collecting payments on the following terms:
  1. If the event doesn't go ahead I'll refund you all in full.
  2. If the event gets rescheduled and you can't make the new date I'll refund you in full.
  3. If the event makes the 40 capacity minimum and goes ahead, but you can't make it, I'll refund you in full, with the following exception:
  4. If the event makes the 40 capacity minimum, but you dropping out after you've paid means we'd be under capacity AND it's less than 2 weeks to go to the event, I'll have to keep the money to cover the costs.
The exception is necessary otherwise people won't have enough time to organise (cheaper) transport to the event. It's no worse than buying a ticket for any other event, after all; you could still sell your ticket onto a friend to recoup your costs that way.

So, with that above, can those of you who are interested in attending a Medieval Banquet on 18th August 2007 at Cardiff Castle do three things:
  1. Fill out the poll below, stating you intend to pay and indicating how many people you represent
  2. Pay for that number of people in full (@ £35 each) to the following sort code: 40-22-12 and account number: 41440845, with a reference of your livejournal name or other name I will be able to uniquely identify you from. (Don't worry, this is a savings account that can only transfer money to my account)
  3. Update the poll to reflect your payment.
Due to the amounts of money involved, I cannot make exceptions to the above or promises of payments from anyone.

[Poll #1001134]

I'll update this post as I confirm receipt of money from people.

List of people I've confirmed receipt of money from )
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The Tewkesbury Medieval Fayre now appears to be on the weekend of the 7-8th July. So the cave party will now swap to be on the 14-15 July instead (instead of on the 7-8 July as previously announced). Please check your diaries and confirm on [ profile] ev1ldonut's latest post if you can still make it! Thanks.
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Quick reminders/notice of events in chronological order:

Poker night happens fortnightly on Wednesdays (from 30 May 2007). Turn up at 8pm, finish at 11pm-ish, playing Texas Hold-em, £1 to buy-in for the whole night, cash in at the end. Posts usually happen a day or so before to get an idea of numbers.

UPDATE: Card/Board Games weekend on the 30th June / 1st July; let me know if you want to come along and/or require crash space :)

UPDATE: The Tewkesbury Medieval Fayre now appears to be on the weekend of the 7-8th July. So the cave party will now swap to be on the 14-15 July instead (instead of on the 7-8 July as previously announced). Please check your diaries and confirm on [ profile] ev1ldonut's latest post if you can still make it!

[ profile] gashinryu is holding his 40th birthday party at [ profile] ev1ldonut's and my house on Saturday 21st July. We're planning to go to the Joust beforehand so the party won't start until 8pm. Come to one or both! Please comment on his post with your interest.

UPDATED: The medieval banquet plans to celebrate my 30th are currently being suggested for the 18th August 2007. Please go and look at the new post on the matter. Point anyone you think may be interested at that post!
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Well, my 30th is this year, on 28th August 2007. I thought I should do something a bit out of the ordinary for it, and the idea of a medieval banquet kept popping up in the back of my head. So, it's getting on a bit now for making these sorts of arrangements, but let's give it a go and see what level of interest there is.

After having a trawl around, Cardiff Castle looks like the best place to have a medieval banquet. This one will be a traditional welsh banquet, with a cost of £35 a head, which includes all food, wine and entertainment (click the link for the menu and more details). UPDATE: New organisational post is here.

Although I don't usually do fancy dress, it might be nice to give it a go :)

I guess we'd make a weekend out of it. We're vaguely thinking of taking the train so we can all drink; it'll be cheap enough as well if it's booked enough in advance.

There may be a separate party weekend to all this as well, depending on all sorts of things :)


[Poll #988802]

Open to all, send people who are interested to this post!


Sep. 3rd, 2006 09:14 pm
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After several painful experiences with 'traditional' firelighters, and as this was the OMGWTFBBQ party, I decided to try the quicker approach )

I think I'm just about recovered now. My house was cleaned before and after; it's cleaner than it has been for months! Thanks Phill and [ profile] gashinryu :)

Let me know where your pictures are and I'll link to them here:
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Quite a long one, so here are some cut tags:

Holiday )

Biking holiday? )

Glasses )

The fuel incident )

Someone's having a laugh.. )

New car? )

Job news )

An apology )

Finally, in more upbeat news, [ profile] sepheri will be joining in the party celebrations to make the increasingly inaccurately named the Truly Terrible Trio's party into a foursome. Not that I'm complaining. I guess it's now the OMGWTFBBQ. So, don't forget to let me know if you're planning to come / want crash space / want to know where it is :)
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[ profile] samoth and [ profile] ninjagirl and I are celebrating our respective birthdays starting at 7pm on Saturday 2nd Sept at my place in Cheltenham. Come to the TTT Party and have some fun! [ profile] kissycat1000 has already mentioned it on her journal here. Feel free to link to this post; it might be nice to leave a comment if you're intending to come (certainly I need an email address if you want the address of my house). Crash space is first come, first served - special requirements excepted. Usual rules: no hard drugs, no smoking in the house, bring your own drink/food (possible BBQ)/bedding/entertainment including fire poi etc/music/friends (especially cute ones) :)

Hopefully see you there :)


Jul. 2nd, 2006 09:10 pm
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All the photos that I currently have posted are here. I didn't actually take many of the party itself for various reasons.

The party was good, very chilled at the start because people were still chilling out from the night before when we arrived. We got hot and dehydrated despite drinking (water) like fishes, and decided to leave at about 1am to head back to comfortable beds rather than try to crash somewhere while the party was still going on. The drive back was pretty horrendous, not for traffic reasons but simply feeling ill and exhausted. Thankfully it was temporary and [ profile] kissycat1000 and I enjoyed a pleasent and relatively quiet Sunday while [ profile] ev1ldonut took the kids to [ profile] rikrose's birthday picnic.

Hi to all the people I met at the party - remind me who you are :)

(Oh, and I finally sorted out a few of my photos from the Tintagel camping trip the other weekend - [ profile] ev1ldonut's are here)
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[ profile] dylan wishes to announce Dylanstock 2006! It will be two days of bikes, photoshoots with cute girls and hifi: July 5/6 (yes, that's Wednesday and Thursday next week). If the weather's good we may even go to a beach somewhere :)

So, who's up for it? Comment here with which you're interested in and which day(s) you're free! We can work out arrangements when we know who's interested in what and where they are...
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This is a metapost. I cordially invite people to comment with links to their own posts/pictures of [ profile] exitwound's glorious 25th filthday. Oh, and lost and found as well.

I think I'm recovered (read: not dead) and I think the house is in fairly good nick, considering :)

Enjoy :)

Links for your delectation, in chronological order (earliest first):
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That was so much fun. Trying to describe it reminds me of some verses from Baggy Trousers (which of course was played at one point).. Anyway, enough waffle - pictures are here.

Then, in a moment of brilliance inspired by wrapping the cake, I believe - you'll see that [ profile] lee_chaos got wrapped in tin foil in the pictures.. well [ profile] ev1ldonut got wrapped in cling film by [ profile] sepheri and [ profile] miss_anthr0py.. and then unwrapped as well! This has to beat the previous ice-cube incident... ;)

Video details: Wrap: ~2.8MB (~34 seconds long), Unwrap: ~3.8MB (~47 seconds long) in Bink .EXE format - right-click and 'Save As...' to download; double-click to play in Windows. Other OS users can view/edit it with free RAD tools.

There was much arse-groping (god there were some fine arses there, oh yes..) and dancing and merry making. A good old knees up. I actually stayed up 'till the end of the party - first time ever! I managed to not have a hangover (just tiredness), and the house got cleared up quickly the morning after. Thanks everyone!

Sorry for the folks who couldn't make it - you missed a corker..!
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Here it is, the obligatory:


It's at my house in Cheltenham, it's to celebrate [ profile] kissycat1000's Oh birthday. Everyone's invited. Bring friends and (good looking) brothers and sisters, booze, bedding, food for BBQ if the weather holds out (looking faintly disturbing from what I can make out).

Leave a comment if you need directions, otherwise let me know you're coming on this post and if you require crash space!

Kids and pets welcome for the first half :)
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I forgot to mention it's now just under:

two weeks

Until [ profile] kissycat1000's Oh birthday party at mine. Be there :)
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Another stonker. Lots of driving (of which I did none), lots of heat, lots of noise, lots of drink, lots of camera flashes (why DO I have a photo of the inside of [ profile] deathboy's wallet!?), lots of money, lots of giggling and very, very drunken conversations, not much sleep.

(I think I owe Mrs. [ profile] deathboy an apology.. sorry!)

Happy birthday [ profile] gashinryu you old git :)


3 weeks to go:

[ profile] kissycat1000's Oh-birthday party at mine! Be there.
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