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In a fit of pique last week I bought a Chromecast. Not that this is a review but it works pretty well and has made the process of actually getting a video on the screens (at least of a Netflix persuasion) almost a pleasure!

My only consternation was that I live in the UK, and most content is only available if you live in the US.. or pay one of the many VPN or unblocker services to grant you the full US version of Netflix. If you are viewing it on a browser you can use things like mediahint or hola but again these are mostly black boxes and don't easily work with an appliance like Chromecast.

I found some links suggesting how this should be fixed by remapping the default DNS servers Chromecast uses from Google's to their own (once you have an account with them). However, this isn't the whole story - Chromecast only uses* Google's DNS servers if your DHCP server doesn't tell it otherwise. Once I figured that out, I then set about finding some free US-based DNS servers and then attempting to configure dnsmasq to configure US DNS just for it (and additionally any android clients you may want to use to control it). Dnsmasq isn't the best documented so this took some doing. Based on this stackoverflow snippet, here's what I use:


If you have a PS3 or other console you can most likely just set one or more of the DNS IPs in their network settings and voilà!

* probably - I haven't tried this


Apr. 5th, 2008 09:07 pm
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After more expense and delays, the garage pulled out their finger and got the car ready on the Friday evening after they said they wouldn't be able to, but didn't bother telling me. So I called up just before they closed on Saturday at midday, as suggested, in case they'd been able to squeeze it in then. Anyway, I have it at long last! I've cleaned it and had the adventure of filling it up with LPG (my first time with LPG! £~26 for a 60L tank!)

I'm really rather chuffed :)

Car pictures and stuff )

Also.. )

All this has left me feeling rather poor. But a lot richer :)
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I just bought (and picked up) one of these.

So far..

Jun. 14th, 2007 10:14 pm
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So far this holiday has cost me around ~£1500 and I suspect it will be around ~£2000 or possibly even more by the time I've finished. However, that's bought me an AudioLab 8000Q and 2x 8000Ms. Sounds fantastic :) The downside is I now need matching amplification for my centre and rears, and a phono amp as well as the 8000Q doesn't have one - more expense :/.

[ profile] kissycat1000 also ended up buying speakers which also sound fantastic :)

Today I put up a house number on my house (finally!), cleared out my utility area, fitted a fluorescent tube, repaired a lightswitch, cleaned a fridge and a freezer, ran around like a headless chicken trying to get everything inside the house when it started raining, putting more carpetting in place, then finally getting it back into the right place in the utility area. Soon we will swap over the food from the current fridge/freezer which is at the wrong end of the kitchen to the fridge which is closer, and the freezer out in the utility area. Now I just need to hire a plumber to put hot, cold and waste pipes in to the utility area and then I can put the washing machine out there too :)

A nice steak with [ profile] kissycat1000 (except hers didn't come up to strach, disappointingly) tonight.

Tomorrow I start off on my tour. I haven't really arranged much aside from visiting [ profile] izzy_stradlin.. but I'm sure I'll make it up as I'm going along ;)


Jun. 9th, 2007 01:21 am
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It's not often I drool over the creative possibilities of musical instruments, but this one does also fulfil my geek lust as well. Probably of interest to a disproportionately large amount of my friends list: the ReacTable. Watch this Google video here first :)

Saw this being used in one of Bjork's performances and was intrigued...
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Two really quite cool things:

First, I hold in my grubby mitts the entire Led Zeppelin collection on vinyl. I'm so looking forwards to getting home and playing these.. except.. argh. I'm on my bike. Luckily [ profile] kissycat1000 is going to meet me for lunch and take them home with her :)

Second, a company have come up with the non-geek's mass storage 'robot' called Drobo. This is a fantastic invention - it means storage has become simple and - dare I say it - pretty much foolproof. Go and have a look at the video to see for yourself! I wonder if these things can be chained..?
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As pinched from [ profile] izzy_stradlin - You can now get a USB guitar (that can also be used normally), with software. Excellent! Wonder if this might finally inspire me to pick up a guitar properly and play it?
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Mainly FAO [ profile] samoth: Just bought Illuminati: Deluxe Edition from GreenKnightGames. They are based out of a house in Cheltenham and are friendly, responsive and helpful. They are also significantly (around 20%) cheaper for Steve Jackson games than elsewhere.

I actually went round to his house after work to pick up my game to save myself postage and the hassle of postage.



Feb. 8th, 2007 09:19 pm
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I just went out and bought Stuff™.

Stuff )

New toy :)

Dec. 21st, 2006 10:32 pm
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After being somewhat persuaded by [ profile] ev1ldonut and [ profile] kissycat1000 (damn them! but not very much), I decided to purchase one of these ) and one of these )

I haven't yet cut the hole in my wall for it yet as I discovered it needs to be hung upside down, and I don't have the holdy-upside-down thing.. yet. Looks good though.

More waffle )
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Oooh, want.

It mentions WiFi support.. but I can't find more details. Also, the wiki suggests I should wait unless I'm a developer. Which I am, kind of. I need to check that things like perl are supported, and that I can get an ssh login. :)


May. 5th, 2006 09:25 am
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New shiny is mine. Arrived before I had time to log in to the tracking website :)

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Yesterday evening I had my bike returned to me after all the work I had done to it:

Bike pictures and dyno graph )
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Mucking around with luggage systems )

Now I just have to install my Speedo Healer, which I'll probably do during lunch tomorrow :)

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