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I have Munchkin Quest! Comment below with a time suggestion if you'd like to come over and play it this weekend with people :)
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First BBQ of the year, a small gathering of friends, laughing and chatting after a day at work and some archery.. bliss. Discussing plans for summer (now it seems to finally be here), many things to look forwards to, such as the Cave Party :)

Iron Man!

Apr. 29th, 2008 09:23 pm
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[ profile] ev1ldonut and I are going to see IronMan at Cineworld in Cheltenham this Sunday at 11:40am, and then probably going to the Norwood for lunch afterwards. If you'd like to go with us to the cinema, please leave a comment on [ profile] easternpromise's post here before Friday evening, where if I know you well enough I'll reply to your comment vouching for you so she can book tickets for you :)
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Come one come all, lose bet your money, have a drink, have a laugh. See you this evening? :)
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Damnit, I want BBQs. I want parties. I want sociableness. I want beer. I want fun!

Make it happen people. When is stuff going on?
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Went into town today to (amongst other things) visit [ profile] theeighth's housemate's new comic book shop called Proud Lion. Turns out he doesn't just do comics but board, card and roleplaying games too! And he'll be setting up regular games nights/weekends at his shop. This is fantastic news! I'm really hoping it will become a focal point for local card/board/roleplaying game geeks. Cheltenham has been lacking this sort of place (in my view).

Proud Lion flyer under cut )


Mar. 21st, 2008 10:29 pm
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So after a day of all of us recuperating at home watching films and doing not a lot apart from boggling at the binary weather we went to the archery field. During the day we had wind, bright sun, a 3 minute blizzard, bright sun, wind, bright sun, and then just as we'd got ourselves together to get to the field we had a 10 minute hail storm. It was weird. We decided to go anyway as we guessed correctly that the weather would clear up before we got there. It was the first time for [ profile] ev1ldonut and myself but [ profile] kissycat1000 had been before. Anyway, I managed to shoot my bow! Quite reasonably! I even got a gold! (although that was mostly luck than judgement)

We discovered the groundskeeper had been and locked the gate so we couldn't get out. Luckily there was a way around by lifting a side gate off it's hinges to get through...

I'm hoping to persuade people they want to play Order of the Stick with me tomorrow at some point. Any other local people want to join in?

Oh, and this may or may not be the best thing evar. I intend to get one tomorrow but I may return it if it turns out to be rubbish for tea.
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I fancy lunch and being sociable. T is with me. I also fancy somewhere a little different; it's still cheap but the food and decor are much better: I can't remember the name of the place but it's the place that used to be the Harvester in Gloucester on Hucclecoat Road.

Who's up for it? Comment here and meet at mine at say 12..?
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So I now have a list of three games I want to buy. Top of my list is Order of the Stick Adventure Game, which is like how I hoped Munchkin Quest would be. Munchkin Quest is still unavailable though :/. Second is Dungeon Twister 3/4 player expansion - I finally played my copy of the 2 player game this weekend and remembered how much fun it could be. Munchkin Cthulu 3 is out as well apparently.

Bah, £50 or so of board games later...

Finally, I'd like to have a generally ineffectual rant about the incredibly strong influences society and people have on our own personal wellbeing. There, that's it. I've kept it short as there's nothing I can do about it aside from register my displeasure at this and wish well for the people currently struggling against the effects of the aforesaid influences.


Feb. 20th, 2008 11:47 pm
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So I thought it might make sense for local people (Cheltenham and Gloucester) to use Twitter to let each other know when we've got stuff going on? It would work better than LJ, it can send texts to all your friends for free with one update on the Twitter website (or through a jabber-based IM). I'm not interested in using Twitter for social networking or replying through SMS and costing everyone loads of money, but I am interested in using it to organise more ad-hoc film/social/game evenings. Obviously it'll only work if everyone's interested in using Twitter.. it's free, so what do you say? Obviously I'm :)
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I have HD versions of the first two LotRs and episodes 5 and 6 of Star Wars (currently). I also have Planet Earth in HD.

Short notice but I believe we plan to watch the first 50 minute Planet Earth episode tonight, on the projector. It is simply breathtaking.

Let me know if you want to see Planet Earth with us tonight, or plan a LotR or Star Wars weekend, or other HD films (I have quite a few others). Let me know when you're available to see them and we'll see if we can arrange mutually agreeable times.
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Okay, I'm ill for the third day in a row. Hopefully I'm on the mend though. That being the case, I have a free weekend. Who wants an [ profile] azekeil, or who wants to visit me?
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In lieu of any serious content, there will be a Card/Board Games Weekend at our house this weekend. Come along from 12pm on Saturday! Bring games, snacks, drinks. Crash space currently available if required..
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Well the party is next weekend, to celebrate my 30th and [ profile] ninjagirl and [ profile] samoth's birthdays as well.

Just to let you all know we now have a 10ft pool in the back garden, so those that feel like it are welcome to bring swimming stuff really tiny bikinis to cool off :)
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A joint birthday party with [ profile] samoth and [ profile] ninjagirl. The usual type of party at the usual place. BBQ garden party (overflowing into the park behind the garden, if the mood strikes). Bring your own booze, BBQ food and sleeping bag if required. We will supply the BBQ coals and the bad internet. Toys of most varieties (including fire) welcome so bring them along. Limited crash space available (sofas and floor). No class A drugs or smoking tobacco in the house, please. Feel free to bring along some music. :)

The boys' house (ask if you don't know)

Saturday 1st September from 2pm(ish)
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No poker tomorrow as we'll be in Wales :) Comment to let me know you've seen this otherwise I may have to chase you down. With sticks.

Next poker will be in a fortnight's time as per usual.
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Well it was a nice idea and initial interest seemed good, but nobody paid up, so we're not going. I shan't bother to organise one for September instead as I got so little interest this time I just don't think people are keen on it.
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As you may remember I set the deadline for payments for the medieval banquet to celebrate my 30th by 7pm Thursday 2nd August. Realistically this means that payments need to be sent today to give the required 3 business days to transfer (if not with HSBC).

On Friday, I will announce whether the banquet is going ahead on Saturday 18th August.

Please comment below (or email me directly if you wish) if you have any last-minute queries.
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[ profile] gashinryu's 40th is this Saturday at the usual place, starting at about 8pm when we get back from the Joust. Come along and help him celebrate :)

I need to remind people about the medieval banquet I'm attempting to organise for my 30th. There were quite a number of you interested when I suggested the idea - strangely though, when it came to coughing up none of you have so far ;)

So, please go to that post and update as appropriate and send me your moneys. The deadline for this will be 7pm Thursday 2nd August 2007, and I will announce the final go/no go for the 18th August date on Friday 3rd to allow people to book advance train tickets.

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