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First, hello to all the people I've just added in this neck of the woods! Nice to meet and get to know you all a little :)

Second, I'm staying here another night, so I won't make the poker scheduled for this evening, sorry. I'll drive in straight to work on Thursday morning. Yes, [ profile] meltie, you can now chuckle.

Third. I might be a bit happy :D


Jun. 6th, 2009 10:58 pm
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Life has been really busy of late. Well, really busy and really.. not busy. Ugh, I'll try and explain. Work has been really busy, pushing me to the point where I'm so busy I'm making mistakes. While not life threatening or anything like that, if I make mistakes it affects more than just myself. Anyway, I'm aware of all this and it should be getting better soon, but there's this weird week of sorts in Toronto next week.

I've been busy enough at work that I've been gently ignoring most other things. Actually that's completely untrue, I've been thinking about everything but not come up with any answers. One step at a time is beginning to get wearing.

On a not completely unrelated note, I'm getting really itchy to write and run my own roleplaying campaign. It's something I've wanted to do since I was an adolescent but never quite managed it. I suspect this is simply a diversionary tactic, but it seems like an achievable goal and it will fulfill a creative itch, so I'm keen to indulge it :)


Jun. 4th, 2009 10:16 pm
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No update for a while as I've basically been busy at work. Haven't done much else - just quietly enjoyed time to myself or gentle socialising :)

Gave a presentation today as the final part of a course at work; the audience included some senior decision makers in the business. I think my presentation stirred things a bit, going by the questions afterwards, but hopefully they've listened to what I had to say :) Dressed in suit trousers and a shirt and tie. That was weird.

At any rate, that's quite a weight off my mind.

Next week I'm going to Toronto to do a second round of interviews and hopefully hire two new people in my team there. I've never been to anything west of the Atlantic, so this should be fun.

Still miss Ratchet, but the major part is over. It was really hard. We buried him last Saturday. I do still really want another cat.. kitten.

Beard's still coming on nicely. I think my boss has the fear, heh.

And that's about.. it.

Round up

Feb. 2nd, 2009 11:02 pm
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I know this is now 'ancient history', but it was only explaining why the inauguration of President Barack Obama to [ profile] kissycat1000's 16 year old daughter was such an important moment in world history that I really began to feel excited about the change that - regardless of whether it is actually going to arrive or not - the people of America had voted for.

I'm glad it's not just me that thinks that law is too complicated. This, shortly after the recent Data Protection Act changes. There certainly feels like there is no effort to keep things simple, and in fact some reliance on obfuscation to pass legislation that might not otherwise stand up to scrutiny. Can we start again please?

If anyone ever suggests that group intelligence is better than individuals alone, I will just point them hard at the events that lead to this recession. Also, tying in with the overcomplication theme above - essentially a lot of the underlying problems that ultimately wound up causing the recession are, in my opinion, to do with overcomplication in the finance industry. Again, can we start again please, except this time with some honest to god simple rules that most people have a hope of understanding?

Apparently there is finally to be a worldwide focus on the number of people in the world during February 2009, as one of the primary problems. It's a shame the BBC's article seems to believe no one has done much about this up to this point. I personally remember as far back as 1993, Indonesia had a policy of "Dua anak cukup" (Two children enough). Okay, this was perhaps more a local issue at the time rather than a global issue, but it's still progress.

With a number of friends breaking up or getting together or arranging parties, there does seem to be a certain amount of change in the air. This is a little unsettling for a number of reasons.

Unlike the snow (yes, the snow. I said it, so ner). The snow settled; we went home early today. I deeply suspect we'll be working from home tomorrow if the forecast for heavy snow and ice overnight is correct.
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First BBQ of the year, a small gathering of friends, laughing and chatting after a day at work and some archery.. bliss. Discussing plans for summer (now it seems to finally be here), many things to look forwards to, such as the Cave Party :)
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Today [ profile] ev1ldonut and I helped out Cheltenham Archers on their 'have a go' pitch at Bredon School Fair. This was a day of life at a slower pace than I'm normally used to. It was quite a refreshing change. Although I did catch the sun a bit as I was caught unprepared, not expecting strong sunshine when the day started off grey, overcast and gently drizzling.

I did take some pictures of some of the various things at the fair )
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I appear to have bought - in all but deed - a car that I haven't seen or driven any version of, from someone I only know through reputation and chatting to twice. It's a Lexus LS400 with LPG conversion. I haven't even worked out exactly how or when I'm going to pick it up.

I think I'll just go and have a little lie-down now.
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We went back today to finish off our bows. (See yesterday's post)

Pictures and details )

Now I just need to get some arrows and the leather bracer, tab or 3-fingered glove and hand protector to shoot it :) We've been asked to bring them tomorrow to archery and Roger will bring some arrows; it'll be the first opportunity I get to try to shoot mine :)
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Bowmaking is amazingly satisfying. It's like whittling x10. Except you also end up with a cool thing to do a social sport/hobby with.

Details and pictures )

The whole process has been really satisfying and very gratifying. I never believed I could really manually create something of such aesthetic beauty and functionality and to see it taking shape under my hands and the tutor's guidance is absolutely fantastic. I can't recommend it enough.

The process is also simple enough for us to help anyone else who wants to make their own longbows; let us know :)
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So I now have a list of three games I want to buy. Top of my list is Order of the Stick Adventure Game, which is like how I hoped Munchkin Quest would be. Munchkin Quest is still unavailable though :/. Second is Dungeon Twister 3/4 player expansion - I finally played my copy of the 2 player game this weekend and remembered how much fun it could be. Munchkin Cthulu 3 is out as well apparently.

Bah, £50 or so of board games later...

Finally, I'd like to have a generally ineffectual rant about the incredibly strong influences society and people have on our own personal wellbeing. There, that's it. I've kept it short as there's nothing I can do about it aside from register my displeasure at this and wish well for the people currently struggling against the effects of the aforesaid influences.


Feb. 26th, 2008 08:42 pm
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I have been really busy recently and simply haven't had time to interact online in the way I normally do. I consider this both a blessing and a curse.

One part of the curse is that I've got lots of things to say and not a lot of time to say them, so they will be condensed and presented under this cut )
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This morning I have a dehydration headache. Last night the meal came out too late, and too much like glue; still, I'll know for next time not to trust the recipie implicitly. I'm feeling quite down, and the weather appears to agree with me. I've taken a 5-HTP.

I'm aware that I have a block of free time to do all the things I've been promising to do. I also want to be realistic and keep focussed on the primary thing - finding a new source of income. I also get the general feeling that Something Is Wrong™.

I think I need to socialise more. As I don't have an income I won't spend unnecessarily, but visiting people is necessary, so that's not really a problem. So anyone who wants me to visit, whether close by or far away, whether for a couple of hours or a couple of days, let me know :)
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This is my first full day at home. Gardening leave. Such an innocuous term for the hunt for another source of income. I was fairly discouraged when I searched online and found only contracting roles that required DV clearance - nothing I could even apply for. Still, the agencies have my CV now. I did find one potential one, so one of the agents is putting me forwards for that.

I determined to be productive whilst at home, so today I have cycled to Tesco and bought ingredients for, and started cooking Beef and Beer in the new slow cooker I have. I also cleaned the kitchen a bit and managed to get a reasonable picture of Ratchet )

I just lifted the lid to the slow cooker and it smells absolutely WONDERFUL. Oh god I hope it tastes as good as it smells. I need some lunch.

Right, I think it's time for a bit more searching, this time to some music. Then, I might play a game for a bit or get on with one of the many little geek things I've been planning to do. Well, it's kind of gardening, I suppose...


Jan. 8th, 2008 10:17 pm
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After a fairly emotionally exhausting day, I had to do The Great Vehicle Shuffle™. My car's exhaust 'broke' on Saturday evening, and my bike's battery appeared to not want to be charged. At all. So I took the battery back to the shop on Monday evening as it was less than a year old. They confirmed my diagnosis and put a new one on charge for me to pick up on Tuesday evening. I had my car booked in to have the exhaust welded on Wednesday as I didn't want to risk paying £150 on an exhaust when my future finances are looking shakey. This meant I had to drop the car off tonight. So tonight I had to go home to pick up my bicycle in the car, pick up the battery, drop the car off and then cycle home, before installing the battery into the bike, lubricating the chain and setting off to [ profile] kissycat1000's. It only took me about 2 hours to do all of that. And the bastard wind was against me all the way as I cycled. Bastard.

Anyway, then J, bless him, decided that he was well and didn't want the bucket near him - only to throw up everywhere of course. Cue another trip out to get the carpet cleaner from my house.

But all is saved. [ profile] kissycat1000 and I watched Howl's Moving Castle tonight courtesy of my sister, which I now realise I hadn't seen before. I am beginning to feel my sanity returning, like warmth to frostbitten fingers. I haven't yet mentioned that after doing some research at the end of last week I finally drove to Bristol on Saturday morning with [ profile] ev1ldonut to meet [ profile] dylan and bought myself a new camera - a Canon G9. I'm glad I bought it before this week otherwise I could never have justified it with the current uncertainty. I've really been enjoying playing around with it, and tonight I took a macro picture ).

My destiny feels like its back in my hands again. I'm sure it was really all along, but it's difficult to see that when someone more senior than you whose judgement you trust tells you that you're wrong.
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Haven't said much because, well, not a lot has been going on. The last couple of weeks, barring travelling to London for the course, have been spent lazing around at home. This weekend we've all been feeling a bit run down and consequently doing very little, other than gaming and watching films.

Didn't get any exercise last week due to being on the course, and now it's frosty so I'm not looking forwards to trying to get back into the swing of things. I'll be cycling to roleplaying tonight, though.

I did spend a bit of money, on an OK steering wheel, which I took back, and then a nice steering wheel, which has yet to arrive. Oh, and also some nice surround speakers, which prove to me I really need to change my surround and centre amplification, which is going to be expensive :/

[ profile] ev1ldonut and I are getting better at Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance (although we still have resources set to 2x)

Oh, one interesting thing I did do, was decide that if VirginMedia wouldn't offer a better deal on broadband, we'd switch. We were on 4Mb down, 384Kb up, cheapest telephone and free TV deal for £36 a month, and I was looking at switching to up to 24Mb down, 1.3Mb up, cheapest telephone and freeview TV for £29 a month. Virgin came back and offered us 20Mb (guaranteed, but still subject to their traffic shaping) down, 768Kb up with the rest the same for £34.50 a month for the first 12 months. So with the reduced hassle, more for less and the fact that Virgin will be getting DOCSIS 3 sometime in 2008 (50Mb/s anyone?), we decided to stay with them. Anyone else who's on Virgin may want to look into getting more for less. The company I was looking at going with for broadband was BeThere.


Nov. 27th, 2007 01:25 pm
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Today I took 5-HTP when I got up.
Today I came in on my motorbike.
Today I resolved to stop eating crap.
Today I walked to Tesco after cycling last night, and felt that I may be able to start cycling again tomorrow.
Today I resolved to try not to let work issues get on top of me, to accept that I am doing a reasonable job as it is.

Today is the start of getting better.
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I'm still shockingly tired at present, but I seem to be making progress with stuff I'm doing, plus I've actually got some main role stuff to do too! I may even be busy for a while!

Sofas )

Computers )

Work amusement )
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Well I'm at work on a Wednesday, first time in four weeks. This is an improvement. However, sleeping continues to be an issue - I also seem to be sleeping very lightly at present which causes problems when I try to share a bed with [ profile] kissycat1000 during the week - not an ideal situation by any stretch of the imagination.

I remember having an anxiety dream last night where I was supposed to be making a call to a work meeting at 4pm although I was at home ill. I remember realising the time was something like 4:06pm or 4:07pm and not dialling in for fear of turning up late, and of course feeling guilty about missing the call.

I'm feeling a bit more chipper though thanks to all your reassurance on my last post, and I'm starting to arrange social things too :)

I need icons of all my hobbies (crossed out ones I already have icons for): hifi, roleplaying, geeking (I have several), poker, boardgames, computer gaming, cycling, archery (will be starting that soon, hopefully!) and I could do with a few other icons for moods.

I have an 'eyes down' icon which represents a number of moods, but I could do with one for when I'm feeling emo (self flagellating) rather than actually down. I also need another one other than my 'nice fish' one for a general icon, preferably that doesn't contain my face. I also need a distinct (from my LJ icons) one for FaceBook that represents me - a caricature or symbol, perhaps? Any suggestions or offers of help gratefully received!
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I haven't had the urge to update recently. I blame Facebook, not that I've been doing anything on there either.

Life is fairly busy in a moderately good way, I'm playing Overlord which is fun :)

Yesterday was a bit of a exhausting day. )

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