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It's been a while since I've had inspiration to write here but this deserves a post.

[ profile] sessifet25 linked me to an article titled Do You Suffer From Decision Fatigue?. Rather than being the usual trite '10 weird tricks to fix your life' it talks about studies and what was learned around willpower, and it resonated.

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I actually think this work sharing ethic creates a healthy working environment and think this mechanism should be recognised and taught to people. Aside from anything else it would greatly aid communication which tends to be the bane of corporate culture everywhere.

Now tell me who already knew that and whose work allows you to practise this?
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Today I got given 2 weeks notice of risk of redundancy. This will be the second time at this place; 2 years ago was the first time.

Practical things: I am no longer required at work; I need to look for a new role internally (and my choice to look externally as well).

Personal things: This is about the best time this could have happened. Last time I took advantage of the opportunity to get a new role. This time round there will hopefully be even more opportunity, and my personal circumstances are better to boot.

Right now I'm exhausted as I'm not 100% anyway, so I'm just going to go and relax for a bit now.
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It appears with power comes privilege; I can now book meeting rooms that I could only book previously through reception. This is insignificant in the larger picture, but right now inside I'm rubbing my hands with glee like a small child in a chocolate factory. No, really.
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I've just realised that it's now probably rather bad form for me to retort to my team members with "You're fired!".
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As you may have known, my role was recently made redundant. I've just been told they'll be making me an offer for the role of Non-Production Support Team Lead, which is a grade higher than before, and I'll probably start next Friday. Get in!
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I'm still shockingly tired at present, but I seem to be making progress with stuff I'm doing, plus I've actually got some main role stuff to do too! I may even be busy for a while!

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It's been less than a week, but in that time I have:
  • Changed job roles at work - doing pretty much what I'm doing now except for a new boss and with more of a product slant. I literally found out / decided on the Thursday and moved office there and then as I was away on the Friday and the new manager wants me to start on Monday..
  • Taken Friday off and ridden down to near Bournemouth on my motorcycle to my 5 month pregnant cousin's wedding and seen my dad and step-mum who I haven't seen in years and rode back the same day
  • Cycled around Cheltenham and to Cheltenham beer festival, drunk lots of ale and won a game of giant chess against a stranger
  • Been to a disappointing Tewkesbury Medieval Fayre and also watched Azumi with [ profile] ev1ldonut
  • Typed up this entry on my N800 using my bluetooth keyboard.
Next weekend is the Cave Party. This I am looking forwards to a lot. After this weekend's disappointing social turnout I'm hoping next weekend will more than make up for it. I'll make a separate post about the cave party during the week :)

I am pleased with my cycling progress - I wasn't at all tired by all the cycling around on Saturday; about 8 miles in total. However, it wasn't all together; that test will come. I think I'll be fit enough soon to start cycling back after work, but I may give it another week - having just changed job roles I don't want to put too much pressure on myself all at once..


Jun. 7th, 2007 02:59 pm
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I have finished the project I have been working on since March! Now I just need to find out if I need to do any follow up work, and then hopefully I'll be able to take some holiday. :)

A sign?

May. 21st, 2007 09:18 am
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Today I managed to forget to take in my pass for work. Not a major problem - the front desk still had a spare pass I borrowed with a £5 deposit. However, then I got in and logged into my laptop - which decided the profile was corrupt and set me up a new one. How nice of it.

Luckily logging out and back in again seemed to fix its hiccup. Hmpf. Not a great start to the week.

The weekend was a quiet one for me, and I took full advantage of it by doing practically nothing I have on my list (aside from a load of washing and some washing up) and instead taking T to the cinema (except that turned out to be T and her friend) and then playing computer games for the rest of it, when I didn't watch some more Heroes or eat or sleep.

Speaking of sleep, I'm knackered today. I woke up early for some reason and just don't seem to be properly awake. Apparently I have some dude coming in to work with me today so I better wake up soon.
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Found it difficult to get up yesterday, even more so today. Was still contemplating going in when [ profile] kissycat1000 pointed out that I should rest. I realised I hadn't really got much useful done yesterday anyway. Now I'm sat here I'm beginning to realise I'm feeling feverish. Rest and fluids for me, then.

[ profile] chocojon invited me to Joost - I think anyone can now get invited, so let me know if you're interested. After an initial networking problem (no idea what the cause was, but restarting both the gateway firewall and the local machine's firewall seemed to solve it) I was able to get picture. It can stutter a little for the first 20 seconds, but after that it's really pretty solid. The programmes all appear to be in 4:3 format at present. Would be nice to see a widescreen option/programmes. On our 4Mb cable broadband, the sound and picture quality is pretty much the same as SD cable tv channels - i.e. perfectly serviceable. I haven't yet worked out how much bandwidth it consumes to try to ensure I keep us from getting throttled.

What Pandora did for music, Joost is doing for telly - although Joost is (will be?) advert supported and shows whole series, Pandora only allows you to choose music similar to one you specify.

There is a channel on there called 'Gong', which seems to have 4 or 5 anime series. :) The range isn't spectacular at present - enough for most people to find something they like, but I'm hearing they're doing deals with big companies keen to ensure they don't turn out like the RIAA.

Rolling on

Oct. 11th, 2006 03:28 pm
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Different plasterer coming at around 2/3 the price, this Saturday. Last Saturday I finished putting up the framework and plasterboard with help from [ profile] ev1ldonut. Room was half cleared by myself and [ profile] kissycat1000 last night; tonight I have to do the final prep in time for the plasterers. Tomorrow night [ profile] kissycat1000 and I are going to clear the last bits from the room.

Then I 'just' need to sand, finish stripping, hang wallpaper, paint ceilings and woodwork and lay carpet before I can move into the master bedroom.

Then I need to do it all over again with the second bedroom (originally typed as badroom *grin*).

All this needs to be done before 1st Dec. I think I'm going to be on target; I can always take time off if needs be.

Have been feeling somewhat trepid about the amount of work that needs to be done, but the plan has been put in place and it's been going quite well, and I am very grateful for the help that [ profile] kissycat1000 and [ profile] ev1ldonut have been providing. I will find ways to reimburse you one way or another, guys.

Work has been busy, which is good.
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Quite a long one, so here are some cut tags:

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Finally, in more upbeat news, [ profile] sepheri will be joining in the party celebrations to make the increasingly inaccurately named the Truly Terrible Trio's party into a foursome. Not that I'm complaining. I guess it's now the OMGWTFBBQ. So, don't forget to let me know if you're planning to come / want crash space / want to know where it is :)
azekeil: (hands!) least, when I go back to work tomorrow I get to fill out my online absence form. In the "Reason" section I shall put "Accident!" :D
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Today I learned that a co-worker lives in an effective commune: 6 friends from way back couldn't be arsed to buy houses and thus rent two next to each other. They have 7 kids between them ranging from 3-17.

I have yet to quiz him to find out the finer details, but it's exciting to find real-world examples who appear to be fully integrated into modern life - makes it seem more possible and realistic.

In other news, I'm also looking at the vast subject of identity on the internet: how to manage it, how to authenticate, how to avoid the most common attacks, how to govern it, implications etc. It's all fascinating stuff. I may have to write something about it when I work out what I want to say.
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This shocked me a bit. Working for who I do, I know a fair bit about the antics of this particular spammer, but he's proven the point that cyber terrorism does work. If you think that's a bit extreme, then think of the implications. He has successfully fought a legitimate (although admittedly vigilante) company into reversing its policies and activities through his illegal activities.

Of interest to the people here, it should be noted that the company sought to continue their activities through a TypePad blog (hosted by SixApart, the same company that now owns LiveJournal) they redirected their domain to through DNS, but the spammer simply launched a massive DDoS on TypePad, which affected LiveJournal as reported here by LJ staff.

The spammer reportedly told Blue Security in an ICQ conversation that if he can't send spam, there will be no internet.

UPDATE: This blog seems to give some more information. Also, some work colleague just came up with the analogy that spammers were like drug dealers. Blue Security were doing the same as organising vigilante action against the drug dealers. So what do the drug dealers do? Send round their heavies to 'deal' with Blue Security. Pretty dumb, all in all. Blue Security's actions haven't helped anyone, just annoyed them.

UPDATE2: Interestingly, Blue Security appear to be out of business.


May. 9th, 2006 04:09 pm
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I just scored myself a working but rather scuffed, unlocked Nokia 6310i! I did this by requesting a key for the pedestal next to me at my new desk, and discovering it in there, checking with the head of IT who simply said have it!

Now I'll have to transfer all my numbers - which I will do through tools, but I remember that each phone uses a different version of the Nokia software, and I had to write a little script to convert between the two - joy.
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I found my passport!! Yes!!!

Also, my new laptop should be being delivered to work tomorrow. It's been shipped and I can track it online, so this is looking hopeful... :)
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Argh! I looked in my house last night - the only thing I didn't do was go through old loft stuff as I really doubt it could be there. I'm guessing it might be at [ profile] kissycat1000's, which doesn't bode well :(

I will probably need it for next Wednesday, but the stuff I have to do to get another one in that time I can't really do :/
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Well I've finished my big work project and I may have had a drink or two to celebrate... *grin*

(Only *slight* fly in the ointment: my new laptop has been delayed until the 4th May, but I called to complain and got the £60 shipping cost that was built in refunded as a matter of principle)

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