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I've just given all mywork's stuff in to work. A week early.

The BBQ yesterday at [ profile] dylan's wiped me out so much that I was concerned that I still had a low-grade infection hanging on from the tonsillectomy, and I need to be well ASAP. So I made a doctor's appointment first thing this morning, for 11am. I went in and the doctor took one look at me:

"Go home, here are some antibiotics, you're signed off for a week."
"But it's my last week with my old company!"
(somewhat subdued) "Yes doctor.."

So. I called my boss from the car park to give him the bad news. I stressed that this was not the outcome I was looking for from the doctor's appointment. I went home via the chemists to pick up the prescription for another weeks worth of antibiotics. While I was at home, my boss called me again and said that they'd need the sick notes in order to process everything. So I suggested I come in with all my gubbins and hand it all over to them, as I'm not going back to work for them now..

So I did. All a bit weird really.

On the way back from work, I went via the Post Office to pick up the parcel that [ profile] racinghippo posted me - thanks very much :) I haven't poked at it yet because I'm at [ profile] kissycat1000's, so no point until I get back home.

So here I am, sitting on [ profile] kissycat1000's sofa, typing this entry, officially 'between jobs'. I feel quite knackered and run down and probably glad I don't have to go into work this week, but still. Bit of a weird way to go.

Oh, note: Anyone who thinks they have a mobile number for me - you don't. I don't currently own any mobile phones.
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