Mar. 26th, 2007 09:50 am
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This morning I woke up quite gradually, in that I remembered a dream I was having. I can't remember if this is a dream I've had before a long time ago and was revisiting now I was older.

Dream )

Late to work )

Lost keys )

Finally, does anyone have a spare monitor capable of 1024x768 that they don't need any more? Puppy's monitor became unsafe, and the spare I've got is really, really crap (800x600 and very fuzzy). He and I would be very grateful if someone has one they could donate :)
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This morning I woke early remembering a strange dream snippet I had. I was driving up a hill in my car (an automatic), when I came across a number of horses with riders. Amazingly I managed to stall the car (which is difficult, it being an automatic). I thought that I wouldn't startle the horses if I tried to re-start my car, so I tried that. However, it did startle one of the horses, and it ran towards the car and pretty much ran over it, smashing the windscreen. I got out, and asked the instructor of the horse-riders (apparently that is what they were) if he had insurance - just from the look he gave me as I finished asking the question I realised the answer was of course not.

The damage, on inspection, appeared to be to just the windscreen, but someone else pointed out that one of my wheels was buckled slightly inwards underneath the car.

I think I decided to limp it to somewhere, and that I was going to try to repair it rather than ditch it.. but then I woke up.

So, any ideas anyone?
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I just remembered some weird dreams I was having this morning - being chased by someone who looked like Dr. Emmett Brown from Back to the Future in the underground, with seas of alternate water and baked beans and large floating areas. There were towers which rose out of the baked bean sea, which me and a fellow.. 'sinner'? were left to die/drown in. We did manage eventually to scale the sides of the tower only to be chased..

It was fairly disturbing..

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